6. place in Young Horse Championship in Herning 2022

Herning 2022 has been amazing!

We had the possibility to present four of the many qualified horses, since a couple is sold since then.

All of the horses performed well in the big arena. We are very proud of the young stars.


Most of all we are very grateful for our cooperation with the fantastic breeders. We are so happy that you year after year keep making young stars and trust us with your horses. Thank you so much!


Finally HUGE congratulations to our rider Simone Blomme, who was placed as number 6 with her own Rally von Rosing. What a performance!


The four fantastic horses include:

Heiline’s Dancing Queen by Revolution/De Niro

Breeder & owner: Stald Heiline

Rider: Silje Bakken



Grevens Venezia by Veneziano/Johnson

Breeder & owner: Stutteri Greven

Rider: Silje Bakken




Rally von Rosing by Revolution/Temptation

Breeder: Maria von Rosing

Owner: Simone Blomme Rasmussen

Rider: Simone Blomme Rasmussen



Grevens Replay by Revolution/Jazz

Breeder: Stutteri Greven

Owner: Norslund Aps

Rider: Silje Bakken


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