Bakken Dressage with the Final Preparations Before the Elite Show

Week Leading up to the Elite Show

On a somewhat unusual Tuesday morning at Bakken Dressage’s arena, the young mares enter the final phase of preparation for the Elite Show happening over the weekend.

This routine, led by Bakken Dressage with Silje Bakken and Michael Møller Flintrup at the helm, has been tried and tested successfully several times before. The week leading up to the Elite Show is quite structured for the mares. It involves saddle work on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off, followed by light saddle work again on Friday, and a journey to Vilhelmsborg on Saturday, culminating in a rider presentation on Sunday.


The Process for the Young Mare

There is some variation in when the young mares begin their preparation for the inspection and selection process.

Some breeders choose to send their mares for training in February, with the hope of allowing them a break before the final preparations for the inspection and possibly the Elite Show. During this break, breeders often take the opportunity to have the mare inseminated.

The second model involves starting the mare’s training in May, getting her ready for the inspection and possibly the subsequent Elite Show.

Throughout the process, breeders and owners are welcome to observe the daily training from the sidelines. Alternatively, Bakken Dressage usually provides some video materials to allow breeders and owners to follow the progress.

5 Mares Selected for the Elite Show and 2 More Approved in RDH

This year, Bakken Dressage has prepared 8 mares for the inspections, including one 2-year-old and one 5-year-old, with the remaining 6 being 3-year-old mares.

In 2018, Bakken Dressage also brought 5 mares to the Elite Show, so it’s a day where everything must go smoothly, as there isn’t much room for error, as Silje explains.

Silje, Michael, and the team are looking forward to showcasing the breeders’ and owners’ “products” to the best of their ability at the Elite Show. Based on the two black mares seen during Tuesday’s training, it certainly looks like mares with the potential for high-quality medals.

Medal History

Bakken Dressage’s medal history speaks for itself:

2014: Højgaardens Miss Manifique, silver.

2015: Højgaardens Miss Unique, gold.

2016: Bøgegårdens Bea, bronze, + Højgaardens Temporina, bronze.

2017: –

2018: Mare of the Year: Grevens Fakina, gold + Gozzip, gold + Højgaardens Lady Gaxie, silver + Overgaards Me’rell, bronze + Grevens La Choi, bronze + Forever Fine in OLD + qualified Grevens Superball.

2019: –

2020: Vestermarkens Shakira, gold.

2021: Mare of the Year: Valerie B, gold + Graciosa, bronze.

2022: Lygums Zelina, silver.

After the Elite Show

When the Elite Show concludes on Sunday, only 3 mares return to their owners, while 5 horses are being prepared for the autumn E-tests.




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